Being part of an industry that is solely dependent on wood as its precious resource, it would be inconceivable for us not to advocate and support the protection and responsible management of the world's forests in any way possible.

It is our conviction and duty to individually as well as professionally assume responsibility in this field. Individually, we cannot stand idly by and see the planet’s natural renewable resource to be exploited on a scale that would ultimately come back to haunt us and future generations. Professionally, we need sustainable management of forests to ensure the regeneration of our valued resource.

With unique veneers of exceptional quality being the focus of our main product, we are always doing our best to utilize a tree to its fullest extent by select harvesting only mature trees and manufacturing them into the best possible yield process – veneering. We firmly respect our product and the resources behind it and are genuinely excited by the incredible beauty and variety which wood has to offer. By belonging to organizations such as the "Forest Stewardship Council" and the "Pan-European Forest Certification Council", we make an effort to support and contribute to the preservation and sustainability to the world’s most beautiful, precious and renewable resource.

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