Welcome to the Fritz Kohl Company

This website is meant to be a small online guide and treasure trove for all those interested in the colourful world of veneers, their origin, production and usage. We lay no claim to scientific completeness, but do hope to give some interesting information to all those handling this wonderful natural product in one way or another.

In this sense, may we wish you enjoyable browsing. We would be pleased to welcome you at one of our facilities sometime - the sooner, the better.

P.S.: We do not want to bore you with too many personal details. A brief company outline follows for those who wish to know a bit more about us.


Veneer - approx. 8 million sqm / year
Lumber - approx. 4,000 cbm / year
Logs - approx. 10,000 cbm / year


approx. 15,000 cbm of logs / year

Our Strength
  • high product quality
  • top quality production
  • absolute dependability concerning provision and shipment of merchandise
  • highest flexibility , individual customer production
  • purchases and sales world-wide through Kohl employees only
  • individual and advisory service as well as development


Legal Form

Private Limited Company (Ltd.)


97753 Karlstadt / Main (Germany)

Board of Directors

Friedrich Kohl
Michael Kohl
Matthias Kohl

German Branches

Production and Sales in Winsen/Luhe

Subsidiary Companies

U.S.A.: Interwood Forest Products Inc., Shelbyville
U.A.E.: Fritz Kohl Middle East L.L.C., Dubai

Freelance Agencies



approx. 160

Production Facilities

1 log band saw
4 veneer slicing machines
1 combined peeling and stay log machine
2 press dryers
4 kiln drying chambers
(all of latest technology)

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