Overgrown branch which leaves a clearly distinct bark pattern. The earlier the tree has got rid of its branch the less visible is this characteristic in the bark.


The standards valid in Germany for the production of veneer. The standard thicknesses are laid down therein.


Undesirable color variations in the veneer, e.g. green stripes in European Cherry.


A strip of wood placed between the veneers to increase the strength of a pallet or to ensure the stability of the flitches stacked in log-form. Also separates the different logs from each other.

Door Length

Log and veneer lengths between 2.05 m and 2.40 m required by the door industry.

Drier Prints

Black patches are given on the surface of the veneer caused by defective, uncleaned or unserviced drier belts. These black patches cause problems when sanding and treating the surface of veneers.

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