Fiddle, Fiddle-Back, Figure

Clearly visible and more or less regular streaks running across the grain in different species of wood (e.g. in Sycamore, Macore, Peartree, Ash). The more regular these streaks are the more valuable the veneer.

Fingered Heart

Irregularly developed heart.


The typical figuring of wood when the pithrays are cut across, i.e. at an angle of 180 degrees when slicing. This is particularly strongly pronounced in Oak. It is generally considered as inferior veneers except from Brown Oak, Silky Oak or Plane for example, where this figuring is in special demand.


Irregular veneer marking which generally is not desired.

Flashy Look

Expression for irregularly alternating spiral grain which causes more or less irregular markings in the veneer. Especially found in Black Cherry veneers.

Flat Cut

→ Crown cut


→ Log-end

Flitch Stock

→ Complete flitch

Four Piece Match

Special method used for burl veneers to produce highly decorative surfaces and patterns. Four veneer leaves in succession are turned twice and folded up once.

Furniture Grade

Veneer differing in length from 1.00 m to 4.00 m within one log which can be worked up by the living room furniture industry.

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