Panel Length

Log and veneer lengths between 2.65 m and 3.20 m required by the panelling industry. Quality generally not as good as bedroom furniture length.


A quantity of veneer prepared for the customer, often sorted into uniform qualities.

Partial Burl

→ Cluster


The thin black knots in yew veneer which are the typical figuring of yew veneer. The more pepper there is and the more regular this pepper is distributed over the surface the more valuable the veneer.

Pin Knot

Fine, overgrown pin knots which can only be seen with great difficulty on the bark. Appears as a black streak at the end of the log.


Comes from the French word “Pommelé” (Pomme = Apple). The term given to a regular veneer marking which resembles apples.

Press Drier

In this equipment the veneers are pressed between large rotating drums in addition to running through the jet drier to avoid waviness.


Slicing fault which occurs when the gap between the knife and the pressure bar is too small or too large to clear the veneer. Different thicknesses are given and to some extent bad cuts, too.

Pressure Bar

The bar opposite the knife. The gap between the knife and pressure bar is slightly narrower than the thickness of the veneer to generate the necessary counterpressure for a smooth cut.

Pressure Wood

→ Compression wood

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