Resin Pockets

Resin pockets in softwood which produce holes in the veneer and are thus degrading.


Quartered veneer flitches converted on the stay-log machine thus resulting in broad quarters being in sequence.

Rift, also Faux Quartier

Quartered flitches which are sliced on the knife in a normal way. It produces half crown and quarters.

Rotary Slicer

Veneer cutting machine on which the log is clamped centrally when brought up to the knife while rotating so that the veneer leaves are peeled off spirally. Used for almost all burl veneers, Birdseye Maple or Birch.

Root Burl

→ Underground burl

Rough Cut

When slicing veneers rough patches are caused in the surface because of bad clamping of the log, setting the machine wrongly or by too strong fluctuations in texture. The cause can also be that the flitch is not hot enough.

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