A rare treasure

 Brand new production of Quilted Maple available now. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – nowhere is this truer than in the world of veneers. Very different things are considered rare and beautiful by very different people in very different corners of the world. People change, >>> more

Freshly cut: American Walnut

The dream of nearly every veneer purchaser is a large amount of one wood species in a preferably consistent growth habit, color and quality. One can increase the chance of reaching this ideality when you get to buy standing timber –that means logs before felling- of a narrowly outlined >>> more

Figured Sycamore

A kind of magic – new production of Figured Sycamore at Fritz Kohl There is a very particular beauty to Figured Sycamore in all its many forms – in some cases. However, everything just seems to fall into place. This is certainly one of these cases: perfectly clean, perfectly >>> more

Hudson Yard

The largest private real estate development in the history of the United States. 16 skyscrapers on top of an active railyard on Manhattan’s far west side. 60.000 sqft of the finest Figured Anegre veneer found anywhere on this planet ready to be shipped out from Interwood Forest >>> more

State Parliament Baden-Wuerttemberg

Being the first newly constructed parliamentary edifice in post-war Germany built by architect Kurt Siegel as a concrete cube, Baden-Wuerttemberg’s regional parliament is a truly modern structure with significant symbolic value. Maintaining and ,possibly, even strengthening these traits >>> more

Hidden Values

Supposedly, there are people who are left completely unmoved by standing amongst an array of giant Sequoia trees on the American West Coast – fortunately, we have yet to meet one such person in the flesh. Luckily, this fascination is not limited to externalities in this case. The huge >>> more

Local Beauty

With an extensive stock of more than 150 species from forty plus countries the things closest and, in a way, most important to you, are sometimes easily forgotten. All the better, then, to have a truly spectacular log right from the neighborhood refresh your memory. As is the case with the >>> more

The big exception

European Oak is our daily business here at Fritz Kohl, Oak in all imaginable forms and shapes – ranging from rough cut Oak of a rustic persuasion to architectural grades of the highest order. Sometimes this routine can get you and you are getting the distinct feeling of having seen everything >>> more

A feast for the senses - Lebanese Cedar

The boots are crunching on the last snow of the season on this cold morning in early March and the smell from the vats is instantly perceivable – sweet and tangy, aromatic and subtle at the same time: the scent of Cedar. A small but sweet parcel of Lebanese Cedar from France in this >>> more

Delightful sound, dazzling look

The California-based company Drum Workshop, one of the top addresses for everything about the subject of drums, counts among our regular customers for many years. John Good, the founder of DW, is considered to be the “guru of drum sound” all over the world. Before he focused >>> more

Walnut - As fresh as it gets

In collaboration with one of our best US round logs suppliers, with whom we have been dealing for many years, we were able to procure standing Walnut round wood for the first time ever. The trees are located in a forest belonging to a large Farm in the US State of Iowa and were put up for >>> more

Making Culture

With the objective of developing new concepts for the use of veneers, we have supported and sponsored the project „integrated product design“ elaborated by the sixth semester of the Coburg-based Academy for Design. Under the title of “Making Culture”, the students were >>> more

TruColor - dyed through ecologically

On this year´s Interzum fair in Cologne, it caused a great stir: the talk is of TruColor, Fritz Kohl´s new product line, available as veneer and lumber in virtually any color and wood species imaginable! Common dyeing techniques are having some serious disadvantages: either they >>> more

Interzum 2015

THANKS! We were very happy to welcome you on our booth in Cologne! The four days of Interzum were a great inspiration for us and we really hope that Interzum has been stimulating, interesting and successful for you as well. Your appreciation is our commitment to continue working for you in >>> more

Giant Quilted Maple

Quilted Maple, sometimes also called Shell Maple, is a very special variety of the so- called „Big Leaf Maple“, that is exclusively at home on the West Coast of the United States. The trees are developing small, bubbly outgrowths below the bark, reminiscent of seashells. It is completely >>> more

Now available for your iPhone: The fascinating world of veneers

With demand and positive feedback for our veneer book – both in the traditional form and as an iPad App - constantly increasing, we are especially proud to announce the release of the iPhone version of the Fritz Kohl “Veneer Bible”. Containing more than 150 different wood >>> more

Building the future

At heart, "Solar Decathlon" is a competition of up to 20 teams of college students with the goal of designing and building a house that is entirely powered by solar energy. The finished results are being judged according to ten very different criteria within the framework of the competition’s >>> more

An even wider variety in the new veneer book

As of now, the 8th enlarged edition of our exclusive Fritz Kohl veneer book can be obtained. We have added 32 new wood species to our German and English version so that the reference work meanwhile already contains 157 wood species altogether. In addition to the numerous technical aspects, >>> more

Europe's most valuable log

Some things are difficult to put into words, you have to see them with your own eyes to be able to truly comprehend their value and uniqueness. This log of Figured Sycamore surely is one of these things - a diameter of more than 80 cm and a length of 8.5 m make it "one of a kind" in the truest >>> more

The Veneer Book for your iPad: - Now available in the App Store

For almost 20 years, the "Fritz Kohl Veneer Book", with almost 400 pages, has been considered to be a groundbreaking standard work on the subject of wood and veneer - in fact, far beyond the borders of the veneer industry. Having now reached its 8th edition and being available in five languages, >>> more

Indiawood 2012

The Fritz Kohl Company has been cultivating contacts on the Indian subcontinent for many years – therefore the Indiawood 2012 in Bangalore, which took place from 10 – 14 February, was a superb possibility to meet old friends and to present our great variety of veneer and lumber >>> more

New Fritz Kohl showroom - Home of the world's finest veneers

Unique species and logs deserve to be presented in a special way- we designed our new showroom for exclusive veneers with this idea in mind. Specialties and uniquely beautiful pieces from our extensive program are put on display here, constantly being exchanged with new highlights. The adjacent >>> more

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