Ancient Nobility Ancient Nobility

There are short-lived trends in wood and then there is cedar - looking up to his ceiling in ancient Nineveh more than 4.000 years ago, an Assyrian king would behold massive cedar beams - valued back then for their sturdiness, scent and noble beauty. Much later, in 16th century Venice, the Council of Ten had to use all of their diplomatic cunning to convince the Patriarch of Damascus to allow the felling of one single tree of Lebanese Cedar to build doors for the council's famed weaponry collection.
Nobility's fascination with cedar wood in all its forms has endured to this day and so magnificent Lebanese Cedars adorn royal Windsor Park in the heart of Great Britain.
One of these enormous trees had to be cut because of forestry concerns very recently and we were lucky to be able to purchase this very tree through one of our long- running contacts in England. At 18m in length and a diameter of 1.68m, this giant is a truly majestic sight and has been worked up into veneer in our mill in Karlstadt in the presence of several representatives of Windsor Park beginning of last week.
More than 10.000 m2 of the most precious cedar veneer is the result - opening up amazing possibilities for any interior decoration job of suitable size.
Should you desire more specific information about this log or be looking for high- end veneers of various natural designs, please do not hesitate to contact us - by mail, by phone or by paying us a visit here in Karlstadt.

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