Delightful sound, dazzling look Delightful sound, dazzling look

The California-based company Drum Workshop, one of the top addresses for everything about the subject of drums, counts among our regular customers for many years.
John Good, the founder of DW, is considered to be the “guru of drum sound” all over the world.
Before he focused on investigating the effect of wood on the sound of drums, he went on many tours with popular artists such as Frank Zappa and Phil Collins as a “drum roadie”.
Having gained this profound knowledge, John Good incorporated “DW Drums – Drum Workshop” and is ever since producing drums in unprecedented quality, always taking the very special sound of each wood species into consideration. One reason for DW´s success is the recognition that drums have certain fundamental tones which are attributed to the wood species used. By means of this knowhow, unique drum kits impressing with a particularly homogenous sound can be developed.
John Good visits us every year on the occasion of the Music Fair in Frankfurt and always selects extraordinarily striking veneers for his newest collections. Last time, he chose magnificent Royal White Ebony veneers for the production of the shown drum kit – a dream of many drummers.

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