Europe's most valuable Figured Sycamore (part 2) Europe's most valuable Figured Sycamore (part 2)

After having been impressed and excited about "Europe's most valuable log", a Figured Sycamore from France at more than 61.000, we are proud and happy to be able to present you with the resulting veneer, which, it has to be said, completely fulfills our highest expectations.

All three lengths of the log have been worked up in the presence of press representatives and suppliers, yielding 5.510 m2 of quartered veneers in outstanding quality. The details of the lengths are as follows:

1. Length 4,05 m 2.828 m
2. Length 3,10 m 1.610 m
3. Length 2,60 m 1.072 m

Widths of well above 35 cm and a consistent, symmetrical figure of rare perfection elevate the log to regions far above the normal standard of an already elegant wood species. The extraordinary beauty of this piece is difficult to put into words and even pictures can give but a vague idea. We sincerely hope that these first glimpses are as enthralling to you as the procurement and production of the log has been to us.

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