Europe's most valuable log Europe's most valuable log

Some things are difficult to put into words, you have to see them with your own eyes to be able to truly comprehend their value and uniqueness. This log of Figured Sycamore surely is one of these things - a diameter of more than 80 cm and a length of 8.5 m make it "one of a kind" in the truest sense.

When we had the opportunity to buy it on an auction in France, we were determined not to let it pass and succeeded in the end. These very special pieces always come at a price, in this case more than EURO 60.000 for 4.5 cbm of perfectly figured Sycamore, probably making this log the most expensive ever to be sold in Europe. The feedback has been overwhelming so far and expectations for the resulting veneer are accordingly sky high.

The log will go into production in a few days and it is fair to say that we are very excited about seeing the final result. We hope you are too and will be happy to present you with the finished veneer very soon.

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