Freshly cut: American Walnut Freshly cut: American Walnut

The dream of nearly every veneer purchaser is a large amount of one wood species in a preferably consistent growth habit, color and quality. One can increase the chance of reaching this ideality when you get to buy standing timber –that means logs before felling- of a narrowly outlined and small area. In cooperation with one of our best American log suppliers, we managed to do this in the United States for the third time.

The forest, which is known as a very good region for Walnut logs, is located in Illinois and impresses with its high number of thick logs in a relatively small area. Our log buyer was able to inspect the logs still before felling and to finally purchase 21,000 board feet – this equals approximately 80 cubic meters – apportioned to 60 logs.

Through this procedure, we are able to not only increase the chance of a consistent growth habit and color, but also influence the manner of how the logs are felled and thus can guarantee our high standards with regard to sustainability and the handling of the logs already in the forest.

In January, the 60 Walnut logs were delivered to our factory in Karlstadt. Fortunately, they more than lived up to our high expectations: about 60% of the already worked up 50,000 mē of veneer are of very good or rather exceptional quality.

One who is looking for a huge quantity of American Walnut, with a consistent growth and color, should not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to present you this extraordinary lot.

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