Giant Quilted Maple Giant Quilted Maple

Quilted Maple, sometimes also called Shell Maple, is a very special variety of the so- called „Big Leaf Maple“, that is exclusively at home on the West Coast of the United States. The trees are developing small, bubbly outgrowths below the bark, reminiscent of seashells. It is completely unclear how this development is brought about but logs of this variety are extremely rare, especially in veneer qualities. Therefore they are harvested only one tree at a time and are only used in interior decoration of the highest level, because of their scarcity and value.
Keeping this in mind, we are especially happy to have been given the chance of obtaining a log that, by merit of its sheer size alone dwarfs and literally eclipses everything we have seen before in this specie. Our buyer in the States had the chance to see this incredible tree, still standing, in a forest near Port Angeles, CA and had little doubts about the magnitude of his discovery right from the start. Now that the log has arrived in our Karlstadt mill, it has to be said, that this impression has been confirmed to its fullest extent.
At a length of more than 35 feet with a diameter of 40 inch it is a sight to behold – literally breath-taking. At the same time and just as important, the actual shells are looking very regular and pronounced, judging from the outside.

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