Making Culture Making Culture

With the objective of developing new concepts for the use of veneers, we have supported and sponsored the project „integrated product design“ elaborated by the sixth semester of the Coburg-based Academy for Design. Under the title of “Making Culture”, the students were responsible for the development of their own product ideas with veneers.
The great enthusiasm and excitement the students displayed was a fascinating experience to be witnessed. Apart from various visits to our factory in Karlstadt, many hours were spent on producing test models and on the product development in the Academy´s own workshop, where the 3-D printing technology was used as well. With two presentations held in the middle and at the end of the semester, the students introduced their ideas, models and practices which lead to the final product development.
By combining traditional materials, the students presented products mixing veneer, leather, silicon, porcelain or glass alongside artifacts manufactured with veneer only, such as lamps.
Be it a bicycle saddle, folding boat, wineglass or porcelain table featuring veneer inlays – the students developed a wide range of product ideas with veneer, which are quite reasonable and practical for the use in everyday life.
Within the scope of the “Dutch Design Week” held from October 17th – 25th, the products were displayed at the Design Academy´s booth.
Collaborating with the Academy was a favorable new experience for Fritz Kohl giving much pleasure to all those involved.
Should you be interested in one of the designed products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us – we will be happy to forward your enquiry to!


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