Perfect Quilted Maple Perfect Quilted Maple

This July, a particularly unique Quilted Maple was worked up in Karlstadt. The tree has been growing on the US West Coast and lay undetected for many months on the owner´s yard facing the threat of ending up as firewood, when Fritz Kohl´s contact person took notice of it and purchased the log together with the company´s log buyer Michael Martin.

With a length of 10 meters, the log had a volume of 1055 board feet, e.g. around 5.2 cbm. It was graded into three lengths and was then worked up. Especially the first length came off with a nearly perfect quilt reaching deep into the inside of the log. A pattern comparable to this has not been seen for decades with Quilted Maple, the Fritz Kohl experts stated. It is true that a distinct coloration of the wood developed due to the long storage, however, this only caters for an even more decorative effect highlighting this Quilted Maple´s uniqueness once again.

The log has been worked up yielding 2,775 mē of veneer with 1,872.00 mē in the first length, 615.19 in the second and 276.22 mē in the third length.

There is a good chance that this special veneer will be used for the interior fitting of a president´s Boeing 747. The parties involved already visited Karlstadt for inspection and negotiation, however, there are still discussions going on whether the log is to be dyed in order to show a consistent color.
A final decision is expected to be made by September 2015.

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