The big exception The big exception

European Oak is our daily business here at Fritz Kohl, Oak in all imaginable forms and shapes – ranging from rough cut Oak of a rustic persuasion to architectural grades of the highest order.
Sometimes this routine can get you and you are getting the distinct feeling of having seen everything before. It is then usually making an appearance at this precise moment: the big exception, the very special log, so rare, that it does away with the perceived routine all at once.
Luckily we were able to buy such an exceptional log at this year’s Burgsinn auction in Northern Bavaria – it certainly is an imposing presence at seven meters in length with a diameter of 84 centimetres, however, its flawless quality and appearance make it even more unique. After carefully inspecting it on several occasions we were convinced to have found something really special.
As usual, though, unique quality comes at a price, 12.987 for the offered four cubic meters in this case, making our log this year’s most valuable Oaktree in all of Bavaria.
All of these superlatives mean nothing, though, if the finished veneer doesn’t live up to the promise of the round log, a risk that is as common as it is problematic in our line of work.
Having just finished production, however, such worries are rendered obsolete, the finished 3.100 m2 of quartered Oak are truly fulfilling all expectations one might have in regards to wood quality, cleanliness and structure. We will shortly take a closer look at the finished veneer at this exact spot. In the meantime, should you be interested in this log or any other part of our extensive production of European Oak, please do not hesitate to contact us right away.

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