Walnut - As fresh as it gets Walnut - As fresh as it gets

In collaboration with one of our best US round logs suppliers, with whom we have been dealing for many years, we were able to procure standing Walnut round wood for the first time ever.
The trees are located in a forest belonging to a large Farm in the US State of Iowa and were put up for sale by the owner. Altogether, we are talking about 75 to 80 logs, having a total volume of around 35,000 board feet which is equivalent to approximately 10 container loads.
In contrast to the purchase of lying round wood, we are in a position to exert influence on the cutting of the trees and ensure that both, round logs and forest are exposed to the least possible damage.
As soon as the weather conditions allow it and working with the respective equipment is feasible without the forest having to suffer, our partner will cut the trees according to our instructions. In order to safeguard maximum protection of wood and forest, the treetop of all logs is trimmed prior to the actual felling.
The Walnut logs will be ready for being loaded by middle / end of December and should arrive in Karlstadt in mid-February then.

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