Ancient Nobility

There are short-lived trends in wood and then there is cedar - looking up to his ceiling in ancient Nineveh more than 4.000 years ago, an Assyrian king would behold massive cedar beams - valued back then for their sturdiness, scent and noble beauty. Much later, in 16th century Venice, the Council >>> more

Perfect Quilted Maple

This July, a particularly unique Quilted Maple was worked up in Karlstadt. The tree has been growing on the US West Coast and lay undetected for many months on the owner´s yard facing the threat of ending up as firewood, when Fritz Kohl´s contact person took notice of it and purchased >>> more

Bog Oak - a glimpse into the past

Bogs have always, by virtue of their enchanted and unreal atmosphere, lent wings to the imagination of people - even today, standing at the edge of a bog, one can but wonder if he is glimpsing a different, bygone era. Bog Oaks offer a connection to this era, being oftentimes thousands of years >>> more

Europe's most valuable Figured Sycamore (part 2)

After having been impressed and excited about "Europe's most valuable log", a Figured Sycamore from France at more than 61.000, we are proud and happy to be able to present you with the resulting veneer, which, it has to be said, completely fulfills our highest expectations. All three >>> more

Vavona Burl

Vavona, Redwood Burl, is one of the most precious and beautiful woods in all of creation. But even here there are extraordinary logs that appear only once or twice every generation. When we had the chance of buying one spectacular parcel last year we already had high hopes- and these were not >>> more

White Ebony

Already in remote antiquity the extraordinary durability of White Ebony (Diospyros Embryopteris) has been commented upon reverentially in Sanskrit scriptures. Indeed, great density and hardness are prominent faculties of this precious wood. From our point of view, though, its grain pattern >>> more

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